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Artist Statement

I am a visual storyteller with an unfettered imagination and an eye for detail. My ideas spring from the awe and mystery of science, human nature and the unexpected.

My artwork addresses social issues, in an entertaining and quirky way, to encourage understanding and acceptance and highlight how societal attitudes are constantly changing. My most recent project was designing an alien floating island and the creatures that populate it, using scientific research to present plausible levitation in order to create detailed concept designs, paintings and comprehensive visual communication.

I use a wide range of styles to convey my stories, including digital art software, model-making and traditional media to create illustrations and storyboards that bring my ideas to life.

My artwork is created to make an emotional connection with the audience. I include sensitive characters and scenes that my audience can relate to, as well as scientific interest, humour and heartbreak to make the message of my story memorable and encourage reflection.

Artist Bio

Kate has a passion for storytelling, combined with an unfettered imagination and an eye for detail. Having completed a BA in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University, where she deployed a wide variety of media to bring her thoughts to life, including an illustrated book about an alien world, it was clear that this was to be her chosen path.

The Masters programme in Illustration and Animation at Coventry University was the perfect environment in which to expand and hone her skills as a visual storyteller, the latest example is The Creation of Osmirif a Floating Island. This is a story based on research and imagination that describes the conditions necessary to enable an island to float above the surface of an alien planet and sustain life. It is a background story for future projects presented as an online comic.

Kate researched the history of the universe, evolution of life, magnetic materials, minerals, geodes and rainforests to create a unique theory about the creation of an alien floating island and the creatures that inhabit it.

Kate created concept designs of the island, the native people, plant life and alien creatures. Concept paintings of the landscape and the habitat of some of the creatures were also created to support the narrative.