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Kate is a visual artist and illustrator with a passion for storytelling, combined with an unfettered imagination and an eye for detail. Having completed a BA in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University, where she deployed a wide variety of media to bring her thoughts to life. This included the beginning of an illustrated book about a (retrospectively) not so far away alien planet, called Pan where it is impossible to label someone, or something and ‘normal’ is an unknown word.

The Masters programme in Illustration and Animation at Coventry University was the perfect environment in which to expand and hone her skills as a visual storyteller. Exploring further ideas about the planet Pan and developing concepts for stories such as The Lives of Todd and The Mental Room.

Kate’s work, both past and present, includes research into quantum physics, spiritual beliefs and societal changes.

Kate continues to work on comics to challenge societies perceptions of normal, wrapped in a comedic, heartfelt and thought-provoking packaging and hopes for her stories to show a world that could be, rather than what it is.  

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