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A New Project in the Works

My next project will involve creating concept art, a storyboard and possibly a short animation highlighting how the finish short film would look.

The story will be about the passage of time, both as a procession of the life of a man called Todd as his life is guided by alternate versions of himself. Also how life has changed for homosexual men as the story follows the romance between Todd and a man called Bill.

The story will be aimed at a young audience, so I will be keeping to a fast pace and an upbeat story as much as possible, while still being historically and scientifically accurate. The film will not contain sound and instead play on the use of an emotional music score and symbolism.

I will research further into LGBTQ+ history, referring to ‘Pride, The story of the LGBTQ Equality Movement’, by Matthew Todd. Also looking into Quantum Physics and Multiple World Theory as explored in ‘Is There Life After Death’ by Anthony Peake.

Other films I will be referring to include,

Groundhog Day

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

With reference to ‘The Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Anderson and the stories relevance queerness.

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