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Oroboro with a twist: How I decided on the Design for my logo

The Oroboro is a paradoxical snake/ dragon who consumes its own tail, According to Token Rock in Greek it means "tail devourer". There are many interpretations for the Oroboros spanning across different cultures and religions, the most common interpretation is that it represents the 'Natural Cycle of life' or the 'Eternal Cycle of Renewal'.

When you think of an Oroboro, it is a mystical, usually menacing looking serpent and given the symbols history, this design is fitting. Of course, I could have gone with this idea, but I would be putting myself at risk of having a design that is very similar to someone else’s. So, I asked myself the question, why does the serpent want to devour his own tail? Well, maybe he is hungry?

The way you make a story interesting is not about how well you can write, but what questions you ask yourself along the way.

I chose this design because what is important to me as a creator is the story behind the pieces I create and the characters that are represented. I decided I wanted a character that was fun, approachable, unique and quirky, as that is the essence of the work I create.

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