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How ‘The Mental Room’ is different to Numskulls and ‘Inside Out’

Of course, the mind is not an unexplored area when it come to the topic of media, there have been many films, series and comics which cover the mind. Two in particular that could be compared to The Mental Room are Beano’s ‘Numskulls’ and Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’.

Numskulls is a comic that appears in Beano and explains how the body of a young boy called Edd functions. It focuses particularly on the boys head and 5 characters that each takes care of a different part of the head. You have Brainy who takes care of the brain, Snitch with the nose, Cruncher with the mouth, Blinky with the Eyes and Radar with the Ears.

Inside Out is an animated family film by Pixar which explains how the emotions of a young girl called Riley influence her daily decisions. Her memories and decisions are controlled via a control panel that is operated by 5 characters called Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear.

However, The Mental Room looks at how memory is stored and the processing of thoughts and ideas. It is represented in the familiar setting of a bedroom and is operated by a single tiny being called Minime, who considers herself very understaffed when compared to the other two groups.

The Mental Room Bonus Page, Top Section, Digital Painting, 2020

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