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A Professional Doodler

I have always been a doodler, every notebook; journal; sketchbook that I have ever owned has been doodled! An eye, a dragon, a small beastie or even a vase of flowers appears as a detached entity on the page. It is what I do!

After studying two GCSE's in both Art and Design and Fine Art, a BTEC in Art and Design and a BA in Fine Art, I am still following my dream to become a professional doodler in the Illustration and Animation Industry.

So, what jobs are out there that could support a career in becoming a professional doodler? Well, as mentioned in my last blog illustration as an applied art form can open up other opportunities within media and visual communications. Here are two areas that I am interested in:

First one is a Concept Artist. A Concept Artist creates visual designs for Film, Film or Game Animation, Comic books, Illustrations, Advertisement or others. They play an essential role, bringing the designs and ideas to life ready to be used as reference in a production. Typically you would work either as a character artist or a Creature and Environment artist on a Production Team.

Another role is a Storyboard Artist. The storyboard artist will be tasked with bringing the Directors vision to life, creating a sequence, almost like a comic book to illustrate how the storyline will flow.

As always, I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and I will leave you with a few interesting links to Concept and Storyboard artists which contain useful information about these industries:

· Radford Sechrist, Creator and Excecuitive producer of the Dreamworks Tv Series 'Kipo'.

· Professional Profile: Storyboard Artist.

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