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The Mental Room

My current project is based on an idea I had when I was about 13, I was fascinated with how the mind works. Of course we have seen this represented in animations and comics such as Pixar's 'Inside Out' and Beano's 'Numskulls' which are both tales of the brain/ body being run by tiny people in our minds.

My idea is based in a familiar setting, which is a bedroom and this is operated by a mini version of ourselves called 'Minime'. Each aspect of the room represents a different part of our personalities and thought processes e.g. working memory (desk and bookcase), interests (posters), favorite music (record player).

I also had a brief look at the 'Greta cookie' from the TV series Black Mirror. In particular, a scene in the show where we see a tiny version of the character Greta digitally existing in a tiny pod inside her home, controlling things like the heating, food and even Greta's schedule via an interactive desk. Similar to the 'Greta cookie pod' my Mental Room will also have a desk which is where any thought is considered.

Minimes are just small beings who act out their everyday life in the room and in doing so affect the way that we all process thought. However, the Minime is aware of the role they play in our everyday life and do their best to keep track of thought processes and make their best effort to keep the mental room tidy.

Keep an eye on my website for uploads of the comic and more concept sketches.

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