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The Mental Room, what I included, what I left out and what to expect in the future?

The Mental Room is an analogy of the way our mind processes information and accesses memory which is compared to how we operate in the familiar space of our bedroom. The Mental Room is operated by a mini version of our self called Minime.

For my first project involving the Mental Room, I created a short comic series where my Minime shows the audience how the room works. I had many ideas for what could be included in the comic, but I had to be selective in order to meet deadlines, so there were many things I had to leave for another project.

The topics chosen for this comic were: short-term, working and long-term memory, which are represented as a notice board, a book case and a desk and a concealed library. It also includes: procedural memory; music taste which is represented by a record player; posters that represent personality; state of mind represented by a messy bed and the subconscious represented by a wardrobe door.

A few things that I left out, to be explored in later comics, are mindfulness and how stress is dealt with in the mental room (SPOILER ALERT- badly will be the answer) and the subconscious, exploring more ideas about intrusive thoughts and phobias. I will also look into how Minime is aware of what is going on outside the body, possibly with some kind of screen and audio system similar to that used in Pixar's "Inside Out", but it will be a bit more familiar, since I want to stick with the room theme.

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