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What you need to understand about memory before making a comic about memory.

A bit of background:

When I was about 4 years old I was diagnosed with a language and communication problem which affected how quickly I processed thought. My responses were delayed, so I appeared to not understand what people were saying to me. I simply had to take a few extra seconds to make sense of what was being said and then be very deliberate in my thoughts, so that my words were not jumbled and I could be understood. This led to an interest in the process of thought and how I could represent thought in a familiar setting, like a bedroom.

The fact that I struggled to organize my thoughts, made me think of a messy bedroom, a Mental Room. I began to wonder how messy other people's Mental Rooms were. I played with the fun idea that even if a person's bedroom is absolutely spotless, their inner Mental Room could be a mess and equally a messy person could have a very neat and tidy Mental Room.

I started to look into memory, specifically long and short term memory. I became interested in the theories surrounding how we store memory and how much each 'unit' of memory could store. This also led to learning about procedural memory, which in basic terms controls what we do automatically through repeated practice, for example, morning routine or tying shoelaces. Slowly but surely the Mental Room was starting to come together.

The following are links to some articles about memory that I found interesting and useful during my research:

Stages of Memory:

Short Term Memory:

Multi Store Model of Memory:

Working Memory:

Long-Term Memory:

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